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Life Is Not The Same Without You

Life Is Not The Same Without You

Denny Drew is a native of Rice Lake and spent most of his life here except to attend to duty at Vietnam, and during the period he was posted at Fort Campbell, KY, and Fort Carson, CO. Danny is a hunter, and he was much involved in the sport. He would never want to miss the card night that happens at Willers cabin where friends and family gather to have fun. The group is a regular at Rice Lake, and they have hunted here for several years. Denny worked at the General Telephone and took early retirement.

He was not a person to idle away his time. He teamed with Lauren Hesebeck and sold Ford trucks and cars. Being a native of the place he excelled in his new profession. Denny is survived by sons Paul, Anthony and daughter Heather. A big family Denny was always the center of attraction for his bright smile and witty nature. He was always special and was the most expected member during family gatherings. Denny will be missed, and the emptiness can never be replaced. His sudden death at the Rice Lake Hunting spot where he was shot came as a shock to the community members.

May his soul rest in peace!


Prayers1. Valuable Memories Shared

Allan Laski is survived by his wife Pam and children, Aislinn, Gwendolyn, and Adam. Rice Lake community cannot forget Allan and will always see him as an active outdoor sports loved. Fishing and hunting was his passion and it finally took away his life in the unfortunate incident that took place in 2004 at the Rice Lake Deer hunting site. Allan was working with the Detroit Lakes in Minnesota and later took up a job at the Rice Lake store. Laksi 43 died of a gunshot on that fateful Sunday. Born in the year 1961, he graduated from Owen-Withee High School in the year 1979 and specialized in wood techniques at WWTC-Eau Claire.

PrayersHe loves to spend time on outdoor sports like hunting and fishing, and his death comes as a shock to the community members. He was loved for his active lifestyle and will remain fresh in our minds forever. As neighbors of Al, we would like to offer our prayers to the family members. Though, years may pass by the incident remains fresh in our minds and the loss is too great to be compensated. We pray to the almighty to give strength to the family of Al in every possible way to help them lead a normal life. Our heart goes out to Gwendolyn and Adam. Though he is gone, his legacy remains forever. Al was a kind man, and his good deeds are sure to leave a void in the community. We loved Al, and he will be missed.

We treasure his memories!

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