A Loss So Great To Comprehend

A Loss So Great To ComprehendWe live in Rice Lake area, and the loss is personal to us. We never forget to keep the family members of those killed in the incident in our prayers. We wish and prayer God gives them the strength and courage to confront the loss and go ahead with their life. There is no doubt the loss of a dear one cannot be substituted. Yet, life has to go on and we as a community have and will support them in every possible way. The news is not just personal to Rice Lake but also to every hunter in the Wisconsin state. These brave hunters will remain in our thoughts for life.

A Loss So Great To ComprehendBeing a neighbor of Bob, I am close to his wife Jean and can understand the trauma she is undergoing. Bob’s son Carter and daughter Vanessa have been devoid of the love of their dad. My husband and Bob were friends for long, and the grief it has brought to my family is beyond imagination. Not a day passes by without talking about Bob and how we missed him. Years have gone by yet it is almost impossible to forget the tragic incident that took away six precious lives. We have faith in God and always pray for the well being of Jean and her kids.

A Loss So Great To ComprehendAll we can say is there are many community members out here who are with you. We are one big family and have not forgotten those special moments we cherished with Bob. All I want to say is keep your faith in God, and he will help tide the loss. I still feel bad about the unfortunate incident and always wish that it could have been averted. I still find it hard to believe that such an incident has occurred, and we have lost our loved ones in the act of hatred and racism.

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